ENVA Energy Module

The patented method of the Energy Module uses low pressure steam and small pressure differences (minimum 0,6bar) to generate attractive amounts of electric power. The ENVA Energy Module helps you to increase your energy efficiency by utilizing otherwise wasted energy in your steam process. The Energy Module is connected as a bypass and in no way disturbs the existing process, ensuring that your availability and reliability is not negatively impacted. The Energy Module is multifunctional and is used in several industries with full satisfaction since 2009.

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Benefits of the Energy Module at a glance:

  • Improved energy efficiency of existing plants and processes
  • Highly versatile, applications upstream, midstream and downstream in your steam process
  • Can be integrated into existing system configurations
  • No negative impact on availability or reliability
  • Extremely robust, minimal maintenance requirements
  • Low electricity generation costs over the equipment life (>20 years)
  • Efficient use of resources and reduction in the carbon footprint
  • Low investment costs / TCO ─ rapid amortization
  • Power ratings between 50 kW and 2 MW
  • Eligible for support under the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG)
  • and Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG)
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Technical data:

Electrical Output:

50 kW – 2 MW

Entry Pressure:

>1 bar

Pressure Difference:

minimally 0,6 bar

Entry Temperature:

103 °C – 210 °C

Application capabilities

1. Energy Module and use of waste steam


2. Energy Module in a condenser system


3. Energy Module as pressure reduction station


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